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Hair Weaving & Extension Techniques
 Tahnesha E. offers several Hair Extension & Weaving techniques. Below are the descriptions of each technique. If you are not sure which method is for you, please click on the "Schedule Now"  button on the HOME page to book your consultation and lets chat !

The Malaysian Link Method Sew-In

With this method you will receive a natural & undetectable look. This link method sew-in is safe and healthy for your hair. Perfect for those who have hair as short as 1 inch and have always wanted a Sew-In to add length of fullness to their hair, this method is great for all ethnicities. There are NO BRAIDS, NO BULKS and of course NO GLUE or NO ADHESIVES. This method is very versatile, once it is applied you can wear updo's, blow outs, ponytails and many other styles you can not wear with a traditional sew-in.  All of your natural hair is left out with this technique its purpose is to add length and fullness to your hair.  This method can last 8-10 weeks with the proper maintenance & care.

Traditional Sew-in & Net Weaving
This technique is great for "Full Weaves" a thin net is used on top of your braided hair, the net serves as a foundation so that the extensions may be applied without any bulkiness. This method is also great for those with thinning hair or bald areas. The net covers any problem areas and allows extensions to be attached in those thinning areas without adding any extra stress to your natural hair. This method can last about 10-12 weeks with the proper maintenance & care.

Designer Weaves
A.k.A (Quick Weave)..This method is a great technique using a bonding Adhesive, With this technique you can achieve many different styles and looks without your extensions being sewn in. A liquid sealant protector is applied on top of your hair to protect from the bonding glue. After a trip under the hair dryer to lock in the protectant, the extensions are applied to give you any style that you desire! No need to be afraid of the "glue-in" method . Now with the glue protectors, this method lifts right off once you shampoo your hair! 

Partial Weaving
Partial Weaving can be any of these methods. With partial weaves you will only be adding and blending a few extensions to inhance your natural hair. GREAT for adding length and fullness to a healthy head of hair. 

Fusion & Microlinks
Fusion hair extensions can be applied in different ways: hot, cold or Linked. Hot fusion or bonding uses hot glue to attach extensions to your hair. This is the more traditional method. While it does have many happy followers, others say that the glue causes the extensions to feel stiff and unnatural. 

Micro Link  fusion is re-invented method, and is meant to be gentle for the hair. This method uses a Micro copper tube to attach extensions to the root. As this method uses no heat or glue, it works for fine or thin hair. The link offers more flexibility than hot-glue, and results in more natural-feeling hair. 

Custom Made Clip-In Extensions

Clip In Extensions will be custom made by hand specifically for you.  They are the perfect way to instantly add length, color and volume to your hair. These extensions allow you to easily apply the hair in minutes without the help of a stylist. Your extensions will be made with 100% Virgin hair. You can shampoo, Straighten, blow-dry and curl the hair extensions as if they were your natural hair. They are easy to use & hassle free, just bend the clip to snap open and closed.

Custom Made Wigs
Each Unit is designed, hand stitched,  fully created and styled by Tahnesha E. Specifically for you. A consultation is required for wig measurments and fitting. Each unit is made with 100% Virgin hair with the option of a lace closure or lace frontal. Various wave patterns, Lengths and textures are availabile to create your perfect customized unit.


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